Drinking Water Filter

There have been many reports about how our water supply is already considered unfit for drinking. You can read a lot of reports about this in the newspaper and on the Internet, and if you value your health, you would not dare drink water straight from the tap without using any filters or purification machines.  Today, many households turn to using a drinking water filter to produce safe drinking water for themselves and their loved ones.

Water Supply Threats

In the past, people drank water straight from the tap and did not have any problems with its cleanliness and safety. But with the pollution and the rise of industrial wastes, the water supply that we have in our cities are under threat.
There are also reports about the inability of government agencies to keep the water supply clean. Apart from this, some of our water supply is also affected because of lead piping and in fact, there have been studies that show the presence of lead in tap water, thereby putting people in danger, especially pregnant women and young children. Water from agricultural areas are also said to be toxic because of the use of chemical pesticides. And lastly, traces of pharmaceutical drugs are also found in some of our water sources.
Water Filters

The abovementioned threats to our water supply encourage homeowners to find ways to ensure that the water they have is clean and safe to drink. Since health and safety are always considered top priority, homeowners invest in a drinking water filter that will produce clean and safe drinking water for their families. When using water filters, you won’t have to worry about contaminants, chemicals, and pollutants. With it, your family can enjoy safe drinking water every day.

What Drinking Water Filter to Buy

With the popularity of drinking water filters, you can choose from the many different kinds of water filters in the market. For example, some water filters use reverse osmosis wherein a semi-permeable filter will trap large particles in the water. This will control the amount of magnesium, calcium and iron deposits present in the water. However, take note that this type of filter could also allow small chemical particles from drugs and pesticides to go through.

Another issue with the use of a filter is that it can remove essential minerals in the water, and as you know, our body needs these minerals to function properly. These minerals are important for a balanced system and choosing the wrong filter could very well deprive the body of its much needed minerals. Hence, it is best that you opt for a water filter with a multi-stage carbon based filtration. This will get rid of harmful particles while still keeping the healthy minerals in the water.

Every family should have a water filter in their home. There have been many cases of people getting sick due to dirty drinking water. It can cause severe diarrhea and lead poisoning. To ensure your family’s safety, start looking for a filter for your drinking water today.

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