Drinking Water Purification System

The pollution in the world is at an all-time high and everyone’s health is getting affected. Pollution can be minimized but it is impossible to make the world a pollution-free place.  Water is directly affected by pollution, which is one of the reasons why people do not trust the city’s water supply in providing clean and safe water to drink anymore.

We always look for ways to clean the water coming out of our faucets so we invest in a drinking water purification system for our homes. It is bad enough to breathe dirty air every time you step out of the house, what more if have to drink dirty water? Therefore, it is a must that you prioritize drinking clean water to keep your body healthy.

Because of the huge market for water purification systems, water purifier manufacturers are competing for customers. There are a variety of choices when shopping for a drinking water purification system, which will be discussed further here.

Choosing Your Water Purifier

Here is a quick list of what you need to check before purchasing a water purifier:

  • Check the list of contaminants. When shopping for water purifiers, check the list of contaminants that it can remove. The more contaminants it can remove, the better the purifier is. You also need to check if it can remove organic, chemical and synthetic contaminants. Organic contaminants include bacteria; chemical contaminants include pesticides and herbicides; while synthetic contaminants include pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Check the process of purification. Not all compounds and minerals present in the water are bad for you and yet there are water purifiers that use the reverse osmosis process, causing the removal of all minerals in the water. Check the purification process closely and make sure that healthy water is still produced it undergoes purification.
  • Check medical certifications and customer feedback. A good drinking water purification system should have medical certifications from companies like ISO. This is a good sign that the water purifier is a quality one. You can also check customer feedback about the water purifier, online. Customers will not only share information about the machine, they also share their experiences with the company’s customer services.

Installation and Customization

When shopping for a water purifier, you need to check its installation and customization requirements. There are many excellent water purifiers out there but some are very difficult to install. Some purifiers will require special outlets, fittings and plumbing.

You must consider the amount of free space in your kitchen when shopping for water purifiers. You can buy the bulky type or the type that can be mounted on your kitchen top. You can also choose from different shapes and colors.

Recurring Expenses

You have to consider your recurring expenses when shopping for a drinking water purification system. Check how often you have to change filters and the cost of maintaining the machine. You might be buying the purifier for a cheap price but your recurring expenses will be quite high. It is best that you opt for a high quality machine that might be expensive to buy but one that will require very minimal upkeep and will last you for a very long time.

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