Kitchen Drinking Water Taps

When you are building a house, one the most important features you have to consider is your water system. Water is a life necessity, and people cannot live without it. It is therefore necessary for you to give considerable attention to your water system when you are building your home.

Advantages of a Filtration System in Kitchen Drinking Water Taps

Not all taps come with filters but if you are only building your home and you are thinking of installing a built-in filter for your kitchen sink, you should consider the following facts:

  • Tap water is not completely clean. There are all kinds of diseases that can be obtained from water. It can contain herbicides, pesticides, lead, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. A good filtration system should be able to clean water from the tap.
  • Using a filtration system is healthy. Water from the kitchen tap is accessible to everyone and you can use it for drinking, cooking and cleaning. It is therefore important that you are not risking your health and the health of other people in the house, by serving free water that may be contaminated by all kinds of impurities. Filters are successful at clearing the water system not only from synthetic chemicals but also from organic contaminants.

Two Main Types of Filters

There are two types of filters to be used in the installation. You can choose to get a faucet with a filter already attached to the system or you can get one with a filter installed under the sink. To be able to choose the right one, you have to scrutinize them quite closely.

  • Contamination control: Since the filter that is attached directly to the faucet makes use of single-phase filters, it is unable to remove as much of the contamination within the water. Filter systems installed under the sink are more advanced. They have multi-stage systems, which are 99% reliable.
  • Filtration technology: They can both operate through reverse osmosis and this system is the most expensive. Carbon filtration is very reliable and it is only available for the multi-stage system.
  • Water pressure: Filters under the sink will not affect water pressure in the faucet, but faucets with filters attached to it will have lower pressure compared to others.
  • Maintenance: Faucet filters are prone to leakage and it gets quite exhausting to have to replace them every now and then.

How to Select Kitchen Drinking Water Taps

It is nice to have drinking water readily available from the kitchen tap. When you are building your house, therefore, it would be smart to make this consideration. However, selecting the right kitchen faucet with filters is not going to be easy. So, here are some helpful tips that you can follow:

  • Know what you want. To satisfy your needs, you should know what you want in terms of materials, accessories, and design.
  • Determine your budget. Your choice will always be governed by the amount of money you are willing to spend.
  • Do your research. Before you make any purchase, make sure to get to know what is available in the market, so you can make an informed decision.

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