Drinking Water Machine

Depending on the type of water filters and water machines you use, there are actually different types of water that you can produce. And by differentiating water for specific uses, you can conserve water. The pH level of the water mostly determines how water can be most efficiently used, since it determines the level of acidity or alkalinity. Another factor in the use of water also depends on the hardness and softness of water, which is the ratio of minerals to water. Some water machines can control both the pH levels and hardness or softness of water to match its intended use.

pH Levels

High pH levels of water are most helpful in the preparation of foods or beverages. High pH levels include antioxidants and free radicals, and when this type of water is taken as is or in combination with food or beverage, the health benefits are included as well. This type of water also has some impact on a person’s psychological health—decreased irritability has been observed in some cases.

Low pH is best for cleaning, whether it is your face or your body. Taking a bath opens up the pores in your body, and while it may seem too extreme to take this precaution, imagine the contaminants in water that can very well enter your body when you should in fact, be cleaning yourself. Low pH water levels for cleaning your dirty utensils in the kitchen is also advisable.

Neutral pH levels, on the other hand, are best for medical purposes and for your baby's needs as well.

The Hardness and Softness of Water

The hardness of water is the result of the presence of minerals in the water. One little trick to measure the hardness of water is through the use of soap. Soap rubs off easily with hard water than with soft water. This characteristic is at premium for drinking water.

Soft water, on the other hand, still contains many of the minerals that hard water possesses, with the notable exception of calcium and magnesium. It is still potable, though, but when mixing milk for your baby, soft water should be avoided as a precaution due to its high sodium content.

An Overview of the Drinking Water Machine

Because of the various purposes of water, water machines have been designed to produce water that suits your purpose. Some are completely dependent on the water you supply the machine with, while others can change the pH levels or the hardness or softness of the water.

Many accounts attest to the differences and advantages of controlling the characteristic of water for their specific use. There are many ways to check the various pH levels of the water that you use, and it is possible to test the validity of the accounts without buying the exact model of drinking water machines that control these characteristics. The same can be true with hard or soft water, and experimenting with these types of water might help you as well.

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