Bacteria In Drinking Water

Although chlorine helps in killing the disease-causing bacteria in water, it cannot kill everything. Bacteria in drinking water are one threat you will be facing if you are drinking tap water. So what causes bacteria to enter the water system? And how do you remove them?

Bacteria are everywhere; in air, soil, human bodies, animals and water. Water chlorination is done by water providers to eliminate bacteria in drinking water. It is effective to some extent, but long term exposure to chlorine has dreadful effects on the human body. Besides, not all types of bacteria are killed by chlorine. Unfortunately, some of these resistant bacteria are really harmful like the coliform bacteria which can cause severe illnesses.

How do Bacteria in Drinking Water Occur?

The coliform bacteria, for instance, occur in water systems due to flooding, agriculture runoff, storm water or sewage pipes contamination. The most harmful coliform bacteria are E.coli, which is why water facilities regularly test the water supply for this type of bacteria. Bacteria in drinking water also occur in poorly maintained pipelines that allow these microorganisms to seep into the water supply.

Removing Bacteria in Drinking Water

Bacteria can be removed from water in various ways. The most common means is by steam distillation where you simply boil the water. Another technique is through reverse osmosis which is proven to remove 99% of bacteria in drinking water. Unfortunately, the essential nutrients found in water like potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium are also eliminated. So what is the most practical way to remove bacteria in your tap water? Water filtration devices have been proven to remove harmful bacteria and substances in drinking water while retaining the essential nutrients.

Finding the Best Water Filtration System

The right water filtration device eliminates more than 99% of water contaminants, heavy metals and bacteria, and provides great tasting and healthy drinking water. The best filtration system should meet your specific needs. If you’re living in a condo unit or apartment, faucet-mounted water filters may suit you best. Faucet-mounted filters are best if you are using tap water for cooking and drinking. They are proven to be effective and easy to use and install. But if you want to filter the water that flows on the entire pipeline of your house, then you should opt for whole the house filtering system. Whole house filters are especially designed to handle large amounts of water.

Where to Buy Water Filtration Systems in the United States

Here are your best bets for quality bacteria water filtration system.

  • Crystal Quest Systems
    2130 Northwest Parkway, S.E Suite, Marietta, GA
    Toll free: 1-800-934-0051
    Email Address:
  • Brita Water Filters
    1221 Broadway, Oakland, CA
    Toll Free: 1-800-242-7482
  • Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems
    7251 Cathedral Rock Drive, Las Vegas, NV
    Office Phone: (702) 360-8880
    Toll Free: 1-800-622-9206
    Email Address:
  • Aquasana Filtering Systems
    6310 Midway Rd., Haltom City, TX
    Office Phone: (817) 536-5250
    Toll Free: 1-866-662-6885
    Email Address:
  • Culligan Water Filters
    9399 West Higgins Rd., Rosemont, IL
    Toll Free: 1-800-947-4759
  • Doulton USA
    19541 Cherry Hill Rd., Southfield, MI
    Toll Free: 1-888-664-3336
    Email Address:

Choosing the right water filtering system that is capable of removing bacteria in drinking water is very important to protect the health of your family.


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