Drinking Water Benefits

More than just to satisfy your thirst, drinking water benefits your body in a whole lot of ways.

Why the Body Needs Water

About 70% of the body is made up of water. For example, the brain is 75% water, the liver contains 96% water, and blood is over 80% water. The muscles, lungs and tissues also contain water. Moreover, the body’s healing and revitalizing processes are run by water. This is the reason why the body needs water and it greatly benefits your health if you drink lots of water.

List of Drinking Water Benefits

  • Keeps the body hydrated
    One of the many drinking water benefits is it keeps the body hydrated. Less water intake leads to dehydration causing several diseases to occur like diarrhea and constipation. In addition, dehydration can also cause headaches, back pains and joint pains. In fact, it could be life-threatening especially for infants and elderly people. Therefore, drinking lots of water is important for our well-being.
  • Promotes healthy Skin
    If you want healthy, smooth skin, then you should drink plenty of water. Water not only keeps your body hydrated but your skin as well. It is helpful in achieving soft, fair and pink skin.
  • Helps in Losing Weight
    Drinking lots of water helps you stick to your weight loss program by preventing you from feeling thirsty or hungry. Besides, it also aids in burning excess body fats.
  • Regulates Normal Body Functioning
    All parts of the body are highly dependent on water to function properly. So, if you drink less water, your body’s vital organs such as liver and kidneys cannot operate very well. Insufficient water intake even slows down your body’s metabolism and leads to diseases.
  • Energizes the body
    Water helps maintain the right amount of oxygen in the blood stream making you more energetic.
  • Flushes out Toxins from the Body
    Water helps flush out harmful toxins from the body by means of urination and sweating. 

Of course, you won’t get the full benefits of drinking plenty of water if it is contaminated. This is especially true if you are drinking tap water. So, it is best to use a modern water filtering system to ensure clean drinking water.

Top Water Filtering Systems in the U.S.

The best water filtering system depends on the type of contaminants present in your residential tap water. Have your tap water checked for impurities and choose the filtering system that eliminates them. Here are the top names of water filtering systems in the U.S. these days.

  • Brita Water Filters
    They offer a complete line of water filters for pitchers and even undersink.
  • American Water Distillers
    American Water Distillers are among the best manufacturers of water distiller systems.
  • APEC Water Systems
    APEC specializes in reverse osmosis system and other filtering systems.
    It is a well-known brand of water filtering systems and reverse osmosis treatment system.
  • Jupiter Science
    They are the leading brand in affordable and effective alkaline water ionizer in the U.S.

Drinking water benefits you and your whole family. Make sure that you are using clean, healthy potable water by employing the appropriate water treatment.

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