Pure Drinking Water

If water is vital for life, it is only right to ensure that your drinking water is pure and clean. But how will you know if the water you are consuming is pure drinking water?

Most people believe that pure drinking water looks clean, tastes good and doesn’t have odor. But studies have shown that tap water contains hundreds of contaminants that are harmful to the body. Because of this, many have resorted to bottled water for their source of pure drinking water, but there have been claims that about 40% of commercial bottled water is tap water. Water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis may produce safe and clean drinking water by removing water contaminants, however, the beneficial minerals have been removed as well. Pure drinking water should not just be contaminant-free but rich in healthy minerals too.

How to Get Pure Drinking Water

The best way to have pure drinking water is by using a home water purifier. Water purifiers filter contaminants and chemicals present in your tap water giving you fresh and mineral-rich water. This water filtering system only removes harmful water impurities and leave naturally-occurring minerals in the water. It is your convenient and affordable means of getting purified drinking water.

Different Types of Water Purifiers

The right water purifier depends on your specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of water purifiers.

  • Faucet Water Purifiers
    This is the simplest water purifier which is mounted directly onto the faucet. Faucet water purifiers are commonly used because they require minimal maintenance, are affordable, and provide unlimited supply of pure drinking water. Just don’t forget to change or clean them regularly.
  • Pitcher Water Purifiers
    This water purifier is placed on top of the pitcher to allow the raw water to flow into it. The pitcher purifier has carbon filters which trap water impurities. Using it is pretty simple and is very affordable too. Unfortunately, the amount of purified water it produces is limited and the carbon filters must be replaced frequently to ensure effectiveness.
  • Under Sink Water Purifiers
    Under sink water purifiers are like faucet water purifiers but are only placed under the kitchen sink; though they can also be placed in laundry or bathroom sinks. Even if under sink purifiers must be replaced regularly, it is capable of producing larger volumes of purified water.
  • Whole House Water Purifiers
    This is the most expensive water purifier because it provides comprehensive source of purified water for your home all the time. It effectively reduces mineral and sediment buildup in water pipes as it filters them before the water enters your home plumbing system.

Top Brands of Water Purifiers in the U.S.

These are the top manufacturers of quality water purifier systems to help you have access to pure drinking water.

  • Brita
    The leader in manufacturing top-notch and affordable water purifiers in the U.S. You may contact Brita at their toll free hotline 1-800-242-7482.
  • PUR
    This is another leading maker of water filtration systems with toll free number 1-800-787-5463.
  • Aquasana
    Aquasana is a pioneer in manufacturing and selling water purification systems, with toll free number 1-866-662-6885.


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