Drinking Tap Water

Drinking tap water is the major source of potable water for most of us. But did you know that drinking tap water entails some risk?

Researches have shown that drinking tap water makes you more vulnerable to certain diseases such as cancer since it contains significant levels of impurities either from naturally-occurring minerals, man-made chemicals or by-products. These contaminants may not bring immediate sickness or discomfort, but constant low-level exposure will eventually cause severe conditions like cancer, liver damage, behavioral disorders, and even infertility. To remove water contaminants, the water supply is treated with chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. But these chemicals have side effects to the human body. Because of this, bottled drinking water has become increasingly popular. However, studies have found out that around 40% of bottled drinking water is actually tap water. So drinking bottled water is not actually 100% safer than drinking tap water.

It’s a good thing then that there is something that can be done to tap water to make it safer for drinking.

Methods of Treating Drinking Tap Water

As aforementioned, adding chemicals to the tap water supply is not effective in removing water contaminants. The best way to address this is by employing different water treatment methods.

  • Carbon Filters
    This water treatment method is popularly used in many homes in the U.S. because carbon filters are readily available in the market. Carbon filters can eliminate many organic compounds found in drinking tap water that cause taste and odor problems. If you choose to use carbon filters, make sure to replace them immediately once the taste or odor problem resurfaces.
  • Reverse Osmosis
    Considered the most effective water treatment method, reverse osmosis pushes the contaminated water through a semi-permeable membrane.  The water impurities will remain on one side while allowing the water to flow through the other side thus removing around 99% of contaminants.
  • Distillers
    This method is best for removing microbiological water contaminants. It works by separating the water pollutants once the drinking tap water is boiled. However, it is not so effective in eliminating impurities with lower boiling points than water.

Choosing the Right Drinking Tap Water Treatment Device

Selecting the right water treatment device starts by knowing the contaminants present in your tap water. Once you already know the type of impurities in your water system, choose the treatment technology that effectively removes the contaminants found in the tap water. Be careful when choosing water treatment devices because a lot of mediocre machines are available in the market these days. Choose the water treatment system made by reputable manufacturers.

Top Brands of Drinking Water Filtering System in the U.S.

    They have a complete line of water filtering systems such as water filters and reverse osmosis systems. You may call them through their toll free hotline 1-877-611-8530 or office phone (818) 700-8015.
  • Doulton USA
    Doulton offers home and commercial water filtration systems such as point-of-use water system, portable gravity filters and ceramic cartridges. They can be reached at their toll free number 1-888-664-3336 or email at info@doultonusa.com.
  • APEC Water Systems
    APEC specializes in reverse osmosis systems for home and commercial purposes. You may reach them through (626) 968-8969 or their toll free hotline 1-800-880-4808.

Reduce the risk of getting severe illnesses associated with drinking tap water by using the right treatment method for your home water system.

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