Drinking Water Testing

Are you fully aware that tap water is loaded with harmful chemicals? While public water facilities are regulated by the EPA to ensure that the water is safe for consumption, it is better to conduct a drinking water testing and see for yourself.

Drinking water testing is very important to ensure clean and safe tap water. Studies have shown that tap water is filled with harmful chemicals. Chlorine and fluoride are the two chemicals added to water, but there are also naturally-occurring chemicals from the Earth’s deposits or by-products from agricultural and industrial activities that can get into the water supply through leaked or cracked water pipelines, making tap water unsafe for human consumption. Drinking water testing will reveal the pollutants and impurities in your tap water and will help you choose the water filter that removes them effectively.

What does a Drinking Water Testing Reveal?

You can personally conduct a drinking water testing or have it done by a local independent lab. By testing your tap water, you will have an idea as to how safe your water supply really is. You can purchase water testing kits that analyze common tap water contaminants such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, herbicides and pesticides. Less common water contaminants may be tested by a professional laboratory. Water testing usually involves placing some water sample into a vial and dropping a solution or capsule into it. The new color of the water will reveal the type of impurities present therein. When you already know what is contaminating your tap water, buy the appropriate water filtering system.

Popular Water Testing Kits in the U.S.

Drinking water testing kits are readily available in the market. For accurate and reliable testing kits, choose the ones made by reputable testing kits manufacturers. These kits come in wide variety to suit every budget and need.

  • Culligan
    They offer affordable water testing kits that cost around $7-$12. In just 15 minutes, Culligan water testing kits reveal nitrate, chlorine, and iron contents, and the pH level of your tap water.
  • LaMotte
    Testing kits from LaMotte provide convenient and accurate results of water components, whether fresh or salt water. LaMotte water testing kits are available from $13 to $62 or even higher.
  • WaterSafe
    WaterSafe testing kits are reasonably priced at $10 to $25. They have a broad range of testing kits that reveal contamination problems. In addition, it is one of the best-selling brands of testing kits that meet the EPA water testing standards providing accurate results.
  • WaterWorks
    Another best-selling water testing kit manufactured by ITS, WaterWorks gives fast and accurate results on different water contamination problems. Besides, it is reasonably priced between $8 and $70.
  • PurTest
    PurTest is a popular water testing brand commonly used by private and public health institutions, laboratories as well as reputable water facilities. Their water testing kits are offered at $9 to $32.
  • SenSafe
    Another top-brand of water testing kit from ITS, SenSafe offers a wide range of kits for commercial and residential purposes. It is priced at $10 up to $130.

With drinking water testing, you can take the necessary actions to eliminate harmful substances present in your drinking water.


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