Local Drinking Water Information

You should be interested in local drinking water information if you’re seriously concerned about your health. This is especially true if you’re using tap water for cooking and drinking.

Local drinking water information provides vital data about the chemicals and contaminants in your water supply. This can be obtained straight from your water provider as the U.S Environmental Protection Agency mandates water providers to furnish their water subscribers a copy or short report outlining the source of the tap water and its contents. Suppose your local water provider fails to furnish you a copy of the annual Consumer Confidence Report, there are other ways for you to know the content of your drinking tap water.

Ways to Get Local Drinking Water Information

  • Do-it-yourself Water Testing Kits
    There are plenty of convenient and affordable DIY water testing kits out there. These kits are capable of testing for common water contaminants such as bacteria, E.coli, chlorine, arsenic, lead and other chemicals. Some kits also check the pH level as well as the iron and nitrate content of your tap water. You can have them from as low as $8 to $130. However, some contaminants cannot be detected by DIY water testing kits. In such case, opt for another water analysis method.
  • Water Testing Facilities
    These facilities perform extensive analyses of the water supply. Testing for bacteria and nitrate content may cost you around $10 to $20, while checking for other water contaminants runs from hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The results usually indicate not just the impurity detected but their respective concentrations as well, and whether they exceed the safety standard established by USEPA.
  • Tap Water Quality Database by EWG
    Another way to get local drinking water information is by checking the National Tap Water Quality Database by the Environmental Working Group. It is a compilation of over 20 million water quality tests conducted by the local water providers all over the country. The database provides important information about the chemicals and contaminants in your water system and the health problems they may cause.

Best Choices for Water Testing Kits and Facilities in the U.S.

  • DIY Water Testing Kits
    If you choose to personally test your tap water, there are plenty of DIY water testing kits to choose from. Some of your best bets are from SenSafe which are offered for as low as $10 to $130, Culligan available at $7 to $12, WaterWorks sold at $8 to $70, PurTest costs $9 to $32, and LaMotte offered at $13 to $62.
  • Water Testing Facilities
    For more comprehensive water testing, you may choose to have your tap water tested by reputable water testing facilities such as the National Testing Laboratories, Ltd.  whose toll free hotline is 1-800-458-3330; Water Test America LLC with toll-free number 1-888-982-9283; American Water with contact number (856) 346-8200; and Accurate Testing Labs LLC at 1-800-676-0515.
Make sure that you know what makes up your water supply.  Local drinking water information is very important to ensure that what you are drinking is not making you sick.


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